QUEST Vol. 18, No. 3

July 1, 2011 - September 30, 2011

Cover Story

The 46th annual MDA Labor Day Telethon is getting ready to squeeze 21½ hours of entertainment, awareness-building and fundraising into six prime-time hours on Sunday night, Sept. 4.

The shorter show, which is expected to draw more viewers in its prime-time slot, will be fast-paced and jam-packed with top-notch entertainment.

In addition to the shorter national broadcast, each hour of the local Telethon will feature two local segments of seven and eight minutes each.


A woman with ALS finds that a little self-advocacy goes a long way
Quest's annual review of the Americans with Disabilities Act finds new rules being implemented and new suits being filed, as the fight for full inclusion goes on
A look at what's new in 2011 for getting you out on the open road
Quest takes a look at gene therapy, 'antisense' and other cutting-edge scientific approaches and how they're being applied to diseases in MDA's program
Actor Max Adler is 'making a muscle for MDA' in honor of his late mother and grandmother with FSHD
The biggest problem at an ER may not be the one you go in with, but the one you encounter there


Research Updates

Quest Extra

Life is hard but full of love at this small center run by the families of Nepalese boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Ralph Braun, who has spinal muscular atrophy, turned his scooter and modified van designs into a multimillion-dollar business