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Combo wheelchair dock and seatbelt system

Q’Straint has designed a system that allows power chair users to electronically lock down their chair and secure their seat belts at the same time. The Drive-in Occupant Restraint (DiOR) essentially suspends the lap belt and shoulder harness in place, allowing the wheelchair user to literally drive into the occupant restraints. Numerous adjustments can be made to customize the belts’ positions to conform to the driver and his or her power chair. The electronic lock-down system includes the docking base bolted to the van floor (see inset photo at left) directly beneath the chair’s traveling position. A matching, downward facing docking pin mounted under the chair is guided into the V-shaped opening and is captured by the dock’s steel jaws, securing the power chair in place. See dealer for pricing. Q’Straint, (800) 987-9987.