leg braces

posted on September 1, 2007 - 11:54am
Three times I broke my right foot. Three times in the same place — directly below my big toe. Strangers would ask why I was on crutches and wearing a cast, and I concocted elaborate stories to explain my temporary impairment. “Skiing, over the holidays,” I’d say. “Car accident. The vehicle was totaled so a broken foot is a minor inconvenience.” “Dancing. My partner has two left feet.”

Caring for the CMT-affected foot

posted on September 1, 2006 - 3:03pm
QUEST Vol. 13, No. 5
Diane Lareau, 35, of Linwood, Mass., always knew there was something wrong, but her mother kept telling her she was just pigeon-toed and that putting her shoes on the wrong feet would fix the problem. It didn’t, and by her late teens, she remembers, her toes were “all bent and just a mess. It looked like a bird’s claw on both feet. I was actually almost walking on the outsides of my ankles.”