Iconoclast and author Mike Murphy wants a revolution in the way characters with disabilities are portrayed

posted on April 9, 2012 - 12:03pm
I love movies. Always have, always will. I pumped my fist in the air (metaphorically) when Captain America beat the snot out of Red Skull, held my breath (also, metaphorically) while Frodo and Sam scaled Mount Doom, and teared up when the starship Enterprise first appeared in the latest Star Trek movie.
posted on January 1, 2008 - 2:54pm
QUEST Vol. 15, No. 1
Jason Hinkle Conveying a sense of Jason Hinkle’s dynamic personality in writing isn’t difficult after exchanging a few sentences with this California man.
posted on May 1, 2007 - 3:50pm
QUEST Vol. 14, No. 3
Wayne Yarnall practices some moves with MDA HCSC Arika Escalona. Dancing in the light
posted on November 1, 2005 - 9:58am
QUEST Vol. 12, No. 6
Who: Kent Kreiger, 47 Where: Scottsdale, Ariz. DX: spinal muscular atrophy type 3; diagnosed at age 38, with symptoms at birth What
posted on July 31, 1997 - 5:00pm
After decades of stereotyped, often demeaning portrayals, has Hollywood gotten any better at showing the complexity of living with a disability? For better or worse, physical disabilities have been an integral part of the cinematic experience, dating back to the birth of the movies a full century ago.