adapted musical instruments

An interactive electronic system puts musical performance at just about anyone’s fingertips, regardless of disability

posted on September 12, 2012 - 9:45am
Update (Nov. 9, 2012): A trio of entrepreneuers recently announced the development of an adaptive, hands-free digital musical instrument; they are currently raising capital to fund their first production run. For more information on the Jamboxx, see the sidebar at the end of this artcle.
posted on January 1, 2007 - 9:33am
QUEST Vol. 14, No. 1
Billy BowersAtlanta; age 50polymyositis Billy Bowers started riding an electric scooter 15 years ago as his polymyositis limited his walking. But he couldn’t take a scooter on long journeys for fear the batteries would run out, and he’d be stranded with no place to recharge. That’s when he came up with an idea for a gasoline/electric hybrid power scooter.