SLIDESHOW: Mobility Safety Accessories

A sampler of products to make your ride safer and easier

A lighting kit from WheelchairFX — one of the mobility accessories you'll find in this slideshow.
by Quest Staff on July 1, 2010 - 5:34pm

QUEST Vol. 17, No. 3

This two-minute slideshow contains 24 accessories that could make your life safer and easier while in your wheelchair or scooter. The presentation is just a sampler of the many products available online. At any point, you can pause the show to study the product or read the name or web address. The items featured in the slideshow are displayed with website addresses, also listed below. If you see something that tweaks your interest, simply click on the link below (or give them a call) for more information.

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(800) 922-2129
Shock absorbing caster forks
(800) 861-3211
Extra secure wheelchair belt
Wheelchair brake lever extension
Portable wheelchair table
Scooter adjustable mirror
(212) 971-9155
High-visibility reflective vest
Reflective mobility stickers
(800) 795-2392
Scooter tiller cover
WeatherBreaker canopies
Under-the-seat bags
Deluxe saddle bag
(800) 320-7140
Powerchair cell phone holder
Powerchair joystick cover
Fleece wheelchair poncho
Wheelchair rain poncho
Powerchair drink holder
(800) 335-3202
Universal folding safety flag
Monster bag
(585) 764-7878
Wheelchair lighting kits
(609) 653-6787
No-slip grip clip
Mini pack day cruiser
(800) 225-2610
Zip-up butterfly vest
Skin-guard leg protector
Front anti-tippers with bumpers

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