SLIDESHOW: Let's Go Beachcombin'!

Wheelchairs and mobility devices unafraid of sand & surf

by Richard Senti on March 23, 2010 - 2:54pm

QUEST Vol. 17, No. 2

Here's an up-tempo, 2-1/2-minute slideshow featuring wheelchairs that give you front-row seating on the beach. Most of the models you will see sport low-pressure balloon tires that distribute the chair's weight evenly over the sand, allowing it to be driven or pushed up and down the beach, be it wet or dry. You'll find both manual and power chairs, plus a walker, a stroller and even a stretcher.

Some of the beach mobility devices in the slide show are only available as rentals, while others are only for sale. However, a surprising number of public beaches on both coasts have loaners on hand, free of charge. See As the Wheel Turns: Wheels with a View for tips on locating beaches with loaner chairs.

Each company featured in the slideshow has a Web site address and a telephone number. If you see something in the slideshow that tweaks your interest, you can pause the show (by tapping the spacebar) and make note of the Web address or phone number, or simply click on the Web link below.

So, enjoy the show, and more importantly, have a great vacation!

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Beach Power Rentals: Power beach chairs: rentals in Gulf Shores, Alabama  [251-967-3729]

Wheeleez: All-terrain wheels & wheelchair beach dollies: sales [707-751-3999]  

Beach Mobility: Power beach chairs: sales / loaners in San Diego area [951-609-4135]  

Deming Designs: Manual beach chairs & walkers: sales / rentals / loaners  [850-478-5765]  

Hotshot: All-terrain wheelchairs: sales / kits / custom building  [866-852-7305]

Landeez: All-terrain wheelchairs: sales  [800-411-7789]

MJM International: All-terrain recreational chairs & stretchers: sales  [800-270-6199]

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