Product Peeks Summer 2013

Article Highlights:
  • Mount'n Mover (mounting system)
  • Escape-Chair
  • SmartDrive (power-assist device)
  • Loc-Line (mounting kits)
  • MORPH Wheels (folding wheelchair wheels)
  • SimpliciKey (remote-control lock)
by Quest Staff on July 1, 2013 - 9:09am

Quest Vol. 20, No. 3

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The Mount’n Mover

The Mount’n Mover mounting system combines flexible positioning with secure attachment for such items as iPads, communication devices, laptops, cameras, and eating and reading trays. The system can be mounted on a variety of bases, such as tables, wheelchairs or floor stands, and allows for precise, consistent and tool-free positioning (a boon for those using eyegaze systems). The complete system is $1,100 (some parts can be bought separately). BlueSky Designs, (888) 724-7002.

Safe escape from tall buildings

In the event the elevator cannot be used to evacuate a building in an emergency, the Escape-Chair allows a nonambulatory person to be taken down the stairs without being carried. Safe and easy to operate by a single person, the Escape-Chair features lightweight, durable aluminum construction and is designed not to block the stairway for other users. The Escape-Mattress is an evacuation solution that allows people with mobility problems to be transported in a horizontal position. Both the Escape-Chair and Escape-Mattress also can be used when travelling, allowing for both greater accessibility and peace of mind. Several models are available; prices range from $1,295 to $2,495 (Quest readers get a 5 percent discount with coupon EMC%5). Escape Mobility Company, (818) 827-7115.

SmartDrive power assist

The SmartDrive is a power-assist device for manual wheelchairs. The small, single-wheel unit attaches to rear of the chair and provides extra propulsion based on the strength of the user’s push on the wheelchair wheels, making it much easier to propel manual chairs up steep hills, through carpet and over grass. To brake, simply stop as normal and the device will stop pushing. The detachable drive unit weighs 11 pounds and the battery weighs 8 pounds; the rechargeable unit can go for days on a single charge. Visit the company’s website to see it in action. Price: $6,450. Max Mobility, (615) 731-1860.

Loc-Line snap together mounting systems

Loc-Line mounting kits offer a versatile way to mount switches and hold lightweight devices such as phones and tablet computers. All of the Loc-Line components snap together and pop apart so that each kit can be precisely positioned and repositioned, without tools, to fit specific needs. Switch mounting kit prices start at $29. ModularHose, (630) 852-1699.

Folding wheelchair wheels

MORPH Wheels may be the world’s first foldable wheelchair wheel, making wheelchairs more compact when transporting. The wheels fold to half their size, meaning they fit more easily into car trunks, or even into the overhead bins on airplanes, reducing the possibility they could be damaged down in the cargo hold. Price: $950. Maddak, (973) 628-7600.

SimpliciKey remote-control lock

For those with mobility difficulties, locking and unlocking the door can be difficult. SimpliciKey, a remote-controlled electronic deadbolt, offers multiple options to easily unlock or lock doors with the touch of a button. An encrypted key fob enables users to control the lock from up to 50 feet away. A wireless keypad can accommodate up to 16 user codes, providing safe access for family members and service professionals. A deadbolt also allows you to continue to use a traditional key. SimpliciKey can replace standard door locks without the need to drill new holes, and works on standard AA batteries. Available at home improvement stores and online. Price: $249. SimpliciKey, (800) 785-6595.

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