Keeping in Touch Fall 2011

by Gerald C. Weinberg on October 1, 2011 - 9:20am

QUEST Vol. 18, No. 4

Although it’s been a month since the close of the 2011 Telethon, the glow still lingers.

The brand-new, six-hour, prime-time event was a huge success, thanks to the dedication and hard work of thousands of MDA supporters across the country.

The faster pace of the shorter show — and the caliber of celebrity talent it showcased — were a joy to watch. Our dedicated MDA sponsors were superb and the public’s response to our appeal was so generous that the final total of $61.5 million surpassed that of 2010 by some $2.6 million.

As MDA Chairman of the Board R. Rodney Howell, M.D., noted, “The tremendous success of the Telethon, even in a tough economy where some communities are also being challenged by natural disasters, shows that America understands and appreciates the truly rapid progress being made by MDA-funded researchers worldwide.”

I’m so grateful to everyone who made this amazing outcome possible, starting with our four outstanding Telethon co-hosts: Jann Carl, Nigel Lythgoe, Nancy O’Dell and Alison Sweeney. There are so many to thank: the entertainment icons who performed and made persuasive appeals, our incredible cause-marketing partners, the more than 150 television stations that make up the MDA “Love Network,” and their emcees and producers, the volunteers across the country who helped put on local Telethon broadcasts, and of course, the generous individuals who tuned in and made a donation.

It’s clear that prime time is the right fit for the Telethon in the years to come. Find out more about this great show in Prime-Time Telethon Achieves Dramatic Success.

Time marches on and traditions change, but at MDA, one thing remains constant: Our dedication to supporting individuals and families affected by muscle diseases by providing services, information and lifesaving research.

You’ll find a little bit of all of that in this issue of Quest, including articles about the following:

Tragically, this year’s PAA recipient, Scott Crane, died on the same day that the letter came announcing his award. But the legacy of this remarkable young man will continue to inspire others for years to come. It’s because of people like Scott that MDA does what it does. Together, we can make it happen!

Gerald C. Weinberg
President & CEO

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