Artists Wanted at MDA Summer Camp

Samuel Williams, of Charlotte, N.C., who has CMT, created "Fishing Buddies" with colored markers when he was 10.
Article Highlights:
  • MDA summer camp nurtures kids' artistic spirits through its arts-and-crafts programs.
  • The 2011 MDA summer camp program is now accepting applications from families of children ages 6-17 who are registered with MDA. Camp is free for all campers.
  • See the related slideshow of camp-inspired art in the MDA Art Collection.
by Quest Staff on March 31, 2011 - 9:50am

QUEST Vol. 18, No. 2

Spring has sprung in varying degrees around the country, a sure sign that summer’s not far behind. For many kids with neuromuscular diseases, summer can only mean one thing: “The Best Week of the Year!” — also known as MDA summer camp.

Some 80 accessible camp sessions across the country are supported by MDA, offering a wide variety of activities — which may include horseback riding, fishing, archery, adapted sports and, of course, singing around the campfire.

Alexis Villa Marie, of Pico Rivera, Calif., who has SMA3, used markers to draw "Camp Fun" when she was 7.
These four vases featuring campers' handprints were created at an MDA summer camp in Heber, Ariz. The group project received guidance from professional sculptor Curt Brill.

One of the most treasured activities at camp is arts and crafts, says Jodi Wolff, director of MDA’s summer camp program.

“Arts and crafts activities provide campers with an opportunity to express themselves creatively,” she says, citing projects such as painting, clay and ceramics, beaded jewelry, photography, scrapbooking, woodworking and more.

“Many campers take their arts and crafts projects home as tokens and reminders of their amazing week at summer camp.”

The art pieces displayed on this page were created by children who attended MDA summer camp over the years.

Summer camp is free to children ages 6-17 who are registered with MDA. However, space is limited, so applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Thanks to the funds generated from the annual MDA Telethon and year-round fundraising programs, there is no cost to campers’ families for MDA camp.

Now is the time to pick up summer camp applications at your local MDA office — and to start looking for a good space in the house to display the forthcoming artwork!

View a slideshow of 15 selected works of camp-related art from MDA's Art Collection.


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