Adventure Travel Resource List

by Quest Staff on January 1, 2008 - 3:44pm

QUEST Vol. 15, No. 1

Adventure Travel Resources

If your heart is set on having an accessible adventure in 2008, check out some great Western adventures in the article Go West! and satisfy your inner adventurer.

If you’re still shopping around, you may have luck searching with the organizations listed below.

Remember to ask questions about accessible features before making a decision — be specific!
(281) 259-2985

Guest Ranches of North America
(214) 912-1100 or (214) 893-8767
(707) 939-3801

Timeshare Adventures
(800) 581-7330

Timeshare Lifestyle
(800) 616-1966

(760) 470-2614

LXR Luxury Resorts & Hotels
(561) 447-5300

Resorts OnLine
(212) 744-6586

(877) 256-3323
(800) 877-8723

Vacation Home Exchange


Access-Able Travel Source
(303) 232-2979

Accessible Journeys
(800) 846-4537

Accessible Vans of America
(888) 282-8267

disABILITY Information and Resources

Emerging Horizons

Gordon's Guide
(559) 490-2800 ext. 128

Gorp Travel
(323) 219-3113

National Center on Accessibility
(812) 856-4422

Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH)
(212) 447-7284

Transportation Security Administration
(866) 289-9673

Wheelchair-Accessible Travel Guide

Wheelchair Getaways
(800) 642-2042


(Books can be ordered through your local library or bookstore, or online. MDA does not sell these books.)

Barrier-Free Travel: A Nuts and Bolts Guide For Wheelers and Slow Walkers, by Candy B. Harrington, 2005, Demos Medical Publishing, (800) 532-8663,

The Big Book of Adventure Travel, by James C. Simmons, 2001, Avalon Travel Publishing, (800) 788-3123,

Fodor's Great American Vacations for Travelers with Disabilities: With Complete Accessibility Information on Hotels, Restaurants and Attractions, 1996, Fodor's, (212) 782-9000,

Fodor's How to Choose an Adventure Vacation, 2003, Fodor's, (212) 782-9000,

Frommer's Family Vacations in the National Parks, by Charles P. Wohlforth, 2004, Frommer's,

National Geographic Guide to Family Adventure Vacations: Wildlife Encounters, Cultural Explorations, and Learning Escapes in the U.S. and Canada, by Candyce H. Stapen, 2000, National Geographic, (800) 437-5521,

There Is Room at the Inn: Inns and B&Bs for Wheelers and Slow Walkers, by Candy Harrington, 2006, Demos Medical Publishing, (800) 532-8663,

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