New ALS TDI Research Symposium Now Online

An ALS compound that's ready for biotech development is described in this Oct. 5, 2009, Webcast

by Quest Staff on October 15, 2009 - 5:00pm

ALS TDI Laboratory
MDA and the ALS Therapy Development Institute began a jointly funded, $36 million ALS drug development project in 2007.

A Webcast is now available of the fourth annual research symposium held as part of the ALS TDI Leadership Summit 2009 on Oct. 5. The symposium was conducted at the MDA-supported ALS Therapy Development Institute in Cambridge, Mass.

The Webcast of the symposium, an update on research in ALS, is free but requires registering via the Web site at ALS TDI Leadership Summit 2009.

Among the highlights of the presentation are:

  • discussions of gene therapy strategies for ALS;

  • a discussion of RNA interference (a method of blocking genetic information);

  • drug development strategies in general; and

  • specific plans to develop ALS TDI-00846, an experimental compound that blocks the immune-system protein CD40 and improves survival in ALS mice (for more on this compound, see “Through the Pipeline”).
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