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Get those cameras ready! MDA is seeking Make-a-Muscle pix and photos of accessibility makeovers

An accessible workspace; Making a Muscle for MDA while on vacation at Disney World in Florida and honeymooning at the Louvre in Paris
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  • Share your enthusiasm — and your creativity — with others in the MDA community by sending in Make a Muscle photos, as well as photos of the ways in which you have made your life more physically accessible.
  • Selected photos will be posted on the MDA website.
by Miriam Davidson on July 28, 2011 - 10:33am

This summer, MDA is inviting everyone to participate in its new "Make a Muscle, Make a Difference" public awareness campaign by submitting photos of friends and family flexing their muscles for MDA.

MDA also is seeking photos for its "Accessible Spaces Gallery" debuting in August on the MDA Transitions Resource Center, a website designed to help young people with muscle diseases make the transition to adulthood and independence.

Make a Muscle photos

Flex those muscles anywhere in the world — from spectacular locales and exotic settings to the backyard wading pool. Photos of people served by MDA are especially welcome, as are photos of people flexing their muscles in front of well-known landmarks.

All rights to the photo must be given to MDA. When uploading photos, people will be automatically instructed how to assign the rights to MDA.

Make a Muscle photos can be uploaded to All photos will be reviewed and approved before posting.

Accessible spaces photos

Photos should show innovative, creative and low-cost examples of accessible rooms such as work spaces, living spaces, dorm rooms, etc.

Please include information about the project design, materials, cost, improved functionality and other details that will help others learn from your design.

Photos can be emailed to Selected photos will be included in the new Accessible Spaces Gallery.

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