umbilical cord

An update on stem cell research related to neuromuscular disease as of July 2009

posted on July 1, 2009 - 5:17pm
Stem cells — immature cells with the potential to develop into different tissue types — have been heralded as a major advance for developing treatments for a variety of diseases. That’s true for diseases of the nerves and muscles, where such cells could potentially be transplanted into the body and either support or replace a patient’s ailing cells.
posted on November 1, 2005 - 9:53am
QUEST Vol. 12, No. 6
Long before "stem cell" became a household term, people had observed that plants and animals can, within limits, repair damage they sustain. Wounds heal, broken bones knit, and lost blood is replenished. Mowed grass soon regrows, and barren trees sprout new leaves in spring. Cut off a limb of a salamander or some other amphibians, and it regrows. But the limbs of other animals, once gone, can’t...