summer camp

A first-time MDA camper reminisces about his unforgettable experience

posted on October 8, 2015 - 9:29am
The excitement that surrounds MDA Summer Camp is evident from the energy and smiling faces of the campers. That’s perhaps especially true of first-time campers.

MDA summer camp celebrates 60 years of awesome adventures for children with muscle disease

posted on April 21, 2015 - 9:23am
Quest Spring 2015
Ben Schussler loves to fish. So when he’s at MDA summer camp, he heads for the dock and casts his line as often as possible. “I catch two or three fish a day,” 8-year-old Ben boasts with glee in his little voice. Fishing is not a particularly unusual passion for a boy his age, although in Ben’s case, it isn’t something he thought he would — or could — ever enjoy.

News and updates from the MDA community

posted on April 1, 2014 - 9:07am
Quest Spring 2014
Continuing Care and Impacting Lives: Milestone legislation requires reauthorization, MDA urges community outreach

Through the eyes of young artists

posted on March 31, 2011 - 10:32am
QUEST Vol. 18, No. 2
In our print magazine, we didn't have room to feature the many wonderful examples of summer camp-related artwork from the MDA Art Collection. So we offer you this special Quest Extra slideshow, "Images of MDA Summer Camp," showcasing selected paintings, drawings, and pottery from a wide range of young artists from across the country.
posted on March 1, 2007 - 10:45am
QUEST Vol. 14, No. 2
Right now, your local MDA staff is busy planning the theme for this year’s MDA summer camp. Hollywood Game Show … Jammin’ in the Jungle … Wild, Wild West — there are dozens of great ideas out there. But you know, it really doesn’t matter what the theme is, because the underlying idea at camp is always the same: TOTAL FUN.