summer activities

posted on March 31, 2011 - 9:50am
Spring has sprung in varying degrees around the country, a sure sign that summer’s not far behind. For many kids with neuromuscular diseases, summer can only mean one thing: “The Best Week of the Year!” — also known as MDA summer camp.
posted on May 1, 2006 - 4:42am
QUEST Vol. 13, No. 3
The summer before our daughter Abby’s senior year in high school, my husband and I saw to it that she had all the appropriate activities: We visited colleges, caught up on medical appointments and made sure she prepared for her SATs. Interesting, but not exactly fun.
posted on March 1, 2006 - 4:15pm
QUEST Vol. 13, No. 2
Megan Jennings rarely sits still at MDA summer camp. The 15-year-old is always on the move, nosing her wheelchair around her cabin’s porch singing along to “Grease,” or zipping over to the arts and crafts cabin to work on her costume for the dance, or playing hide-and-seek in the flat, lightly forested, shady spaces near the cabins.