How a father led a quest to discover a treatment for his critically ill children, and ended up the subject of a major motion picture

posted on December 31, 2009 - 1:22am
Most anybody who hears John Crowley’s story will call him a hero. It’s a logical label for a man who led a quest to develop a treatment to stop the disease killing two of his young children. The Crowley family’s incredible story has been chronicled in the media, a book and now a major Hollywood feature film. “Extraordinary Measures” will be released Jan. 22 with an A-list cast that includes...
posted on July 31, 1997 - 5:00pm
After decades of stereotyped, often demeaning portrayals, has Hollywood gotten any better at showing the complexity of living with a disability? For better or worse, physical disabilities have been an integral part of the cinematic experience, dating back to the birth of the movies a full century ago.