According to experts, reframing your perspective on life can help conquer the anxieties or depression that can accompany living with neuromuscular disease

posted on January 5, 2015 - 9:21am
Even a quick search online will turn up all manner of white papers, analyses and studies that identify a higher risk of anxiety and depression among individuals living with chronic disease and physical disabilities — such as those associated with many types of neuromuscular disease.  

A woman and her dog, who both have muscle diseases, share life lessons with students.

posted on February 20, 2009 - 11:21am
In the four years since Gabrielle Ford wrote a guest feature for Quest, she and her dog Izabel (Izzy) have become prominent figures on the national speaking circuit. Gabe’s first book will hit the streets in late February 2009.

The heart-wrenching process of helping children cope with the loss of a loved one

posted on July 1, 2007 - 10:09am
QUEST Vol. 14, No. 4
Definitions of the word grief range from the simple  (“sadness associated with loss”) to the more analytical — “a natural process of reacting physically and emotionally to a perception of loss. ” Whatever the definition, grief isn’t a pleasant experience, and when the person who’s grieving is a child, it can be a gut-wrenching, perplexing and often misunderstood process for parents.

Knowing if you're on the right course with corticosteroids

posted on May 1, 2007 - 1:59pm
QUEST Vol. 14, No. 3
"Since being on prednisone, I’ve been up and down with my weight and up and down with the milligram dosage,” says Carlie Brinker. “I’m 19, and I’ve been on prednisone for 11 years.”

Siblings of children with disabilities have a unique growing-up experience

posted on January 1, 2004 - 10:00pm
I discovered that my sons, ages 10 and 13, were drinking a soda apiece as an after-school snack. This is gonna stop, I announced firmly. But instead it suddenly shot way beyond soda pop. "Does Sarah still get a soda then?" the boys demanded. Their older sister, 20, has cerebral palsy and mental retardation. She enjoys a soda after school each day the way some people savor a cocktail after work....