A preventable disaster

posted on March 31, 2010 - 2:26pm
In 1960, the medical journal The Lancet published a sobering report of a 21-year-old student whose broken leg required surgical repair but who was less concerned about his leg than the risk of general anesthesia. He told his doctor that, since 1922, 10 of his relatives had died as a direct result of inhaled anesthesia.

Eye care in neuromuscular disorders

posted on December 1, 2000 - 5:00pm
When people think about neuromuscular disorders, eye problems usually aren't the first thing that comes to mind. That makes sense, because most eye problems in neuromuscular disease are, thankfully, not too severe, treatable with therapy for the underlying disorder, or correctable with special lenses or surgery. But in some disorders, problems can persist, and they range from nuisances to...

Neuromuscular disorders pose special risks, but preparation minimizes dangers

posted on June 1, 2000 - 12:40pm
Wendy Hinton says she "still gets goosebumps" when she thinks about the morning of Oct. 25, 1989. She and her husband, Doug, had brought their 2-year-old son, Shayne, to St. Anthony's Central Hospital in Denver to have a routine procedure that doctors thought might help the child's frequent ear infections and difficulty breathing through his nose. But, less than 15 minutes later, something went...