posted on January 1, 2008 - 3:01pm
Find resources on: applying for Social Security benefits, Medicare premiums, post-high school transition, health records maintenance, disability etiquette, home ownership, and other topics of living with disability.
posted on September 1, 2007 - 11:49am
QUEST Vol. 14, No. 5
Although my current age of 55 means I’m no longer a young pup, it doesn’t mean I’m a mangy mutt, either. And even though I’m now considered a senior, I sure don’t feel or act like one. And my wife agrees. She says I have more of a sophomoric sense of humor and a junior highish level of maturity. And not only do I not act my age, I don’t look my age either. I know for a fact that people seeing me...
posted on September 1, 2006 - 3:52pm
QUEST Vol. 13, No. 5
Carolyn Bush We all know the stereotypes of aging. Either you’re seen as decrepit with one foot in the grave, or you’re supposed to be a model for vital aging — Botoxed 85-year-old women do Pilates and elderly men complete Iron Man competitions and scale Mt. McKinley.
posted on August 1, 2000 - 10:42am
Some people with neuromuscular diseases are experiencing grandparenthood, retirement and other welcome hallmarks of a long life. But the golden years may also bring some not-so-pleasant surprises. The future isn't what it used to be.