Quest Is 20 (Winter 2013)

MDA's research and health magazine enters its 20th year of publishing

Article Highlights:
  • In honor of Quest's 20th anniversary, the magazine will highlight 20 archived articles in each of the year's four issues.
  • The Quest archives are full of informative articles about living with neuromuscular disease, and this is a chance to revisit some oldies but goodies.
  • In this issue, we've selected stories ranging from exercise and weight loss to dating and relationships, as well as articles about mobility devices, travel and other stuff we like.
by Quest Staff on January 7, 2013 - 9:17am

Quest Vol. 20, No. 1

With this issue, MDA’s Quest magazine enters its 20th year of publishing — and my how we’ve grown! The Quest archives are jam-packed with informative articles about living with neuromuscular disease. In order to share (or re-share) some with you, Quest will be highlighting 20 back-issue articles in each 2013 issue.

Select from the list of 20 stories below, or if you're looking for something else, be sure to enter your keyword(s) into the search box above. If you know of anyone who's not online and who would find these articles helpful, contact Quest or your local MDA office for a paper copy. And, if you have a favorite Quest article that you’d like others to read, please let us know by calling (800) 572-1717 or emailing Happy reading!

Exercise and weight loss

Weight Loss from a Wheelchair: My Plan
Katrina Gossett, January 2011
The author goes into detail about her successful weight loss program.

Exercising with a Muscle Disease
Quest Staff, April 2009
Much of the conventional wisdom about exercising isn’t true for people with muscle diseases. Learn more in this package of articles.

Weighing Your Options
Christina Medvescek, July 2004
People with neuromuscular disease share their weight loss strategies, including surgery, medication, exercise and better nutrition.

No Sweat Exercise: Aquatics
Barbara and Jim Twardowski, July 2003
Exercising in the pool provides a cool, “uplifting” aerobic workout.

Dating and relationships

Couple with FA Are Each Other’s Caregivers
Kathy Wechsler, October 2011
A couple with Friedreich’s ataxia who met through Quest now lives together independently, overcoming a double set of challenges as a team.

In Sickness, in Health and in Love
David Von Hatten, December 2009
When a romantic partner is also your caregiver, it can be difficult to keep the romance alive and avoid caregiver burnout.

Dating Poker
Abby Albrecht, March 2007
Your chances of winning the dating game aren’t ruined because of your disability — you’re equal to everybody else in the game, so ante up.

Sex and the City
Danielle Sheypuk, March 2007
NYC is full of fabulously single women with the “it” job, social life and looks — but it seems the city toughens everyone’s dating skin, regardless of age, race, gender or disability.

My Wild and Wonderful Wife
Brice Carroll, November 2006
The author says his wife and caregiver is “a mixture of Lucille Ball, Laverne and Shirley, June Cleaver, with a dash of Steve Martin and others I’d prefer not to contemplate.”

Mobility devices

Wheelchair Safety Tips for a Slippery, Muddy, Steep, Crowded and Inaccessible World
Barbara and Jim Twardowski, July 2010
“After 25 years of marriage,” says the author, “my husband dumped me on Fifth Avenue in New York.”

Travel Scooters Offer an Easy Way to Go
Bill Norman, July 2009
Fold ‘em up or break ‘em down. Toss ‘em in the trunk — and go!

Wear and Tear on the Chair
Bill Norman, April 2009
Power wheelchairs are the backbone of “power” sports like soccer or extreme racing — here’s how to keep them in top condition.


Visiting London: Accessibility Across the Pond
Barbara and Jim Twardowski, October 2011
No need to worry about accessibility here, mate.

Harry Potter and the Accessible Theme Park
Monique Griffin, October 2010
Harry Potter World in Orlando is magical in its accessibility.

Passport? Check. UV Sanitizer? Check. Travel Aids for Your Next Adventure
Bill Norman, April 2009
Making the journey a little easier.

Wheelin’ and Dealin’ in D.C.
Barbara and Jim Twardowski, November 2008
No skyscrapers are allowed in D.C., so the view of the Capitol and national monuments remains unobstructed.

Other stuff we like

Call Me a ‘Good Cripple’ If You Must
Deshae E. Lott, July 2010
Labels like “good cripple” and “bad cripple” hinder efforts to have healthy conversations about disabilities in today’s culture.

That ‘Chick in the Chair’ Just Might Be Superwoman
Angela Wrigglesworth, November 2008
A late bus, a broken-down car and a $20,000 power chair all led up to “the rare opportunity to use the strengths I had.”

Happy Unbelievable Birthday
Donna G. Albrecht, March 2006
After being told her daughter Abby might not survive to age 2 due to spinal muscular atrophy, the author reflects on Abby’s milestone 30th birthday.

As I Sit Aging
Carolyn Bush, September 2006
Believe it or not, some aspects of aging with a disability are positive.

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