Quest Is 20 (Summer 2013)

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, MDA’s Quest magazine is highlighting 'oldies but goodies' that cover a number of topics

Article Highlights:
  • In honor of Quest's 20th anniversary, the magazine will highlight 20 archived articles in each of the year's four issues.
  • The Quest archives are full of informative articles about living with neuromuscular disease, and this is a chance to revisit some oldies but goodies.
  • In this issue, we've selected stories ranging from going to school to parenting, as well as articles about hobbies and other stuff we like.
by Quest Staff on July 1, 2013 - 9:09am

Quest Vol. 20, No. 3

The Quest archives are jam-packed with informative articles about living with neuromuscular disease. In order to share (or re-share) some with you, Quest will be highlighting 20 previously published articles in each 2013 issue.

Select from the list of 20 stories below, or if you're looking for something else, be sure to enter your keyword(s) into the search box above. If you know of anyone who's not online and who would find these articles helpful, contact Quest or your local MDA office for a paper copy. And, if you have a favorite Quest article that you’d like others to read, please let us know by calling (800) 572-1717 or emailing Happy reading!

Going to school

Going to School: New Year, New Challenges
Donna Albrecht, July 2012
As your child’s needs change, so will his or her school experience.

Empowering Students to ‘Contribute to Society’
Quest Staff, April 2010
Incight, co-founded by a man with Duchenne MD, offers scholarships and support to people with disabilities seeking higher education.

As If High School Weren’t Tough Enough …
Sabrina Low-Dumond, July 2009
Even freshman orientation is more complicated for students with muscle diseases — and their parents.

504 Plans: What Parents Should Know
Alyssa Quintero, April 2009
A 504 Plan and an IEP are similar, but different.

Building the IEP Puzzle
Alyssa Quintero, March 2007
Tips for creating effective Individualized Education Programs.

Friendships Matter: Beating the Bully Problem
Christina Medvescek, March 2005
Students with disabilities are bullied more than other students; deal with it proactively in the IEP.

Learning at Home
Christina Medvescek, February 2002
Is a homeschool or a homebound program better for your child — and you?


Parents Seek New Options for Their Adult Children
Donna Albrecht, May 2008
Moving out of your parents’ home is an adult rite of passage.

When a Child is Grieving
Bill Norman, July 2007
Helping children cope with the loss of a loved one.

A Perpetual Balancing Act
Laurie Bird, May 2006
A mother’s quest for balance with a son with DMD, teenage stepchildren, a full-time job and a Brittany spaniel.

Parents Beat Back Burnout
Amy Madsen, July 2004
Caring for your child starts with a healthy, happy you.

The Other Children in the Family
Christina Medvescek, January 2004
Siblings of kids with neuromuscular disease experience their own set of challenges.

Shy Kids with Disabilities: To Push or Not to Push?
Christina Medvescek, August 2002
When is shyness a natural personality trait and when is it a warning sign that needs attention?


Bloom Where You’re Planted
David Gary, January 2012
Master gardener David Gary loves tending the wheelchair-accessible backyard landscape he designed.

Get Your Game On! (Safely)
Amy Madsen, September 2008
Online gaming can open a whole new world of fun, but parents should be aware of the potential dangers.

Digital Photography: Accessible Art
Richard Senti, July 2008
Artist Carl Yeager (spinal muscular atrophy) evolved from film to electronic imagery.

Other stuff we like

James Lupski’s Research into His Disease Paved Way Toward Personalized Medicine
Amy Madsen, October 2010
Analyzing his own genome revealed the hidden cause of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and pointed to the promise of personalized medicine.

In Search of the Real Me
Christopher Rosa, March 2005
Living with the mainstream cultural attitude about the relationship between disability and one’s true identity.

The Night I Became Independent
Abby Albrecht, November 2004
The author learns how to stick up for herself and gain true independence.

From a Cocoon to a Butterfly in Six Years
Gabrielle Ford, July 2004
A teen and her dog cope with their diseases — and fears — together.

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