Quest Is 20 (Fall 2013)

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, MDA’s Quest magazine is highlighting 'oldies but goodies' that cover a number of topics

Article Highlights:
  • In honor of Quest's 20th anniversary, the magazine has highlighted 20 archived articles in each of the year's four issues, with this being the final installment.
  • The Quest archives are full of informative articles about living with neuromuscular disease, and this is a chance to revisit some oldies but goodies.
  • In this issue, we've selected stories ranging from caregivers/caregiving and cooking to other stuff we like.
by Quest Staff on October 3, 2013 - 9:19am

Quest Vol. 20, No. 4

The Quest archives are jam-packed with informative articles about living with neuromuscular disease. In order to share (or re-share) some with you, Quest has highlighted 20 previously published articles in each 2013 issue. This is the last installment in honor of Quest's 20th anniversary!

Select from the list of 20 stories below, or if you're looking for something else, be sure to enter your keyword(s) into the search box above. If you know of anyone who's not online and who would find these articles helpful, contact Quest or your local MDA office for a paper copy. And, if you have a favorite Quest article that you’d like others to read, please let us know by calling (800) 572-1717 or emailing Happy reading!


Caregivers: Teaching Independence
Miriam Davidson, October 2011
Quest shares lessons from parents who have successfully helped their children with muscle diseases grow into self-reliant adults.

A Dozen Ways to Ask for Help
Barbara and Jim Twardowski, October 2010
Asking others for help will lighten the load for you and your caregivers.

One Giggle at a Time
Debbie Button, October 2010
A long-term caregiver reveals her secret for survival.

A Happy Compromise
Margaret A. Nosek, Ph.D., December 2009
Tips for achieving quality of life and independence by living with paid personal attendants and their families.

Caregiver Exercises
Christina Medvescek, April 2009
Simple ways to resist injury.

Is Your PCA Driving You Crazy?
Kathy Wechsler, March 2007
How to avoid a bumpy ride with your personal care assistant.

Parent-Caregivers: Learning to Let Go
Christina Medvescek, November 2004
Transition to independence is tricky for parents of children with neuromuscular diseases.


The EZ-Use Kitchen
Barbara and Jim Twardowski, January 2012
Mainstream appliances are becoming more accessible every day.

‘I Can Eat That!’ Cookbook for Easy Chewing and Swallowing
Debbie Button, January 2011
Modifying favorite family recipes to accommodate a loved one's eating difficulties.

Slow-Cookers Offer a Disability Friendly Way to Cook
Barbara and Jim Twardowski, January 2011
If you find conventional ovens and stovetops difficult to use, the slow-cooker may be a better option.

Easy-to-Eat Holiday Cheer
Christina Medvescek, October 2009
Adapted dining tips and some easy-to-swallow holiday recipes.

Dignified Dining
Barbara and Jim Twardowski, May 2007
Tools and techniques to make mealtimes manageable.

Other stuff we like

Going to the Emergency Room: Tips for People with Neuromuscular Diseases
Donna Albrecht, July 2011
The biggest problem at an ER may not be the one you go in with, but the one you encounter there.

Emergency Prep for People with Neuromuscular Disease
Quest Staff, September 2010
From an evacuation to a power outage to a simple family emergency — do you have a plan that accommodates your special needs?

Wheelchair Costumes Rule!
Quest Staff, October 2009
Annual roundup of kids' Halloween costumes for wheelchairs.

Moving Out: Operation Get a Life
Kathy Wechsler, May 2008
Living on your own comes with a whole new set of responsibilities.

Not Enough ZZZzzzs?
Amy Madsen, March 2008
In people with muscle diseases, testing for sleep-breathing problems is tricky but worth it.

True Confessions of a Panty Thief
Barbara Twardowski, January 2008
How a power wheelchair can get you into trouble at the mall.

The Rest of the Year is Stressful Enough
Joanne Wechsler, November 2007
Make the holidays a time of renewal.

The Upside of Disability
Phil Bennett, July 2005
How disability opens your eyes to what’s real and positive.

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