Product Peeks Winter 2012

Article Highlights:
  • Handi-Holder (drink holder)
  • Uro Bag System (external urinary bag)
  • Icon A1 (wheelchair)
  • Ecosox (clothing)
  • Corpus 3G (wheelchair seating)
  • Rollin' Wear adaptive jeans
by Quest Staff on January 1, 2012 - 12:21pm

QUEST Vol. 19, No. 1

Handi-Holder drink holder

Handi-Holder is a drink holder for wheelchairs, walkers or scooters. Sturdily made to hold many different beverage sizes, the design allows the drink-holder unit to be easily removed from its mounting without dealing with tools or fasteners.

The unit mounts on any standard-sized round wheelchair tubing. Additional mounts and custom modifications are available. $34.95 (free shipping in U.S.). Handi-Holder Products, (281) 955-5716.

handi-holder, drink holder

Uro Bag system

Uro Concepts boasts that its new urinary leg bag system has no uncomfortable leg straps, which can be constricting and sometimes cause skin ulcers. The system contains a washable two-pocket unisex leg bag holder undergarment, one 700-ml reusable rubber leg bag, and one extension tube with connector.

The Uro Bag System can be used with all external collection systems. Medicare reimbursable, the system starts at $43. Uro Concepts.

Icon A1

In recognition of the fact that a wheelchair user’s body is ever-changing, the Icon wheelchair allows users to “dial-in” a perfect fit that can be changed as needed.

The suspension design allows it to be set to a user’s weight. Compression and rebound can be tuned to reduce fatigue and give a custom ride over bumps. (There’s also a lock-out option for times when the suspension feature isn’t wanted.)

The Icon’s modular design offers the flexibility to change every component, including wheel sizes, and maintain the geometry that’s best for each unique user. $4,295. Icon Wheelchairs, (888) 461-5759.

Icon A1


Orthotics users may be interested in these socks woven from bamboo, a natural fiber that is soft, moisture-wicking, doesn’t harbor odor and is temperature regulating (doesn’t get too hot or too cold). The socks also are anti-static, which may help prevent blisters.

They feature an arch support to help fight fatigue and keep them from slipping, and extra cushioning in the ball and heel areas. The company also carries a selection of compression socks to help with circulation.

Ecosox come in medium (men’s or boy’s shoe sizes 3-9 and women’s shoe sizes 4-10½) and large (men’s shoe sizes 10-13). $4.99-$5.99. Ecosox, (937) 866-1223.


Corpus 3G seating

This new seating system from Permobil features an ergonomic design that follows the contours of the body. The seat’s width and depth adjustments are indexed for a custom fit. The adjustable backrest accommodates all after-market backrests and seat cushion provides a space for a variety of inserts.

A center-mounted actuator tilts the chair up to 50 degrees and reclines it a full 175 degrees. Armrests feature built-in channels for cable routing, reducing the need for wire ties, and the leg rests have been redesigned and curved for better support. Plus, the Uni-Track System allows a wide variety of accessories and options to be easily mounted on the chair.

The Corpus 3G is available on all new power wheelchair base-types that Permobil offers. It is coded for Group 3 insurance/Medicare reimbursement on Permobil’s C300, C350 and M300 power chair bases. Permobil, (800) 736-0925.

corpus 3G seating

Adaptive jeans for men

Rollin’ Wear adaptive jeans have a stylish “worn in” look, thanks to a special pre-washing process that also softens the denim giving them that “well-used” feel. They feature an easy fit through the seat, narrower thighs and a slight flare below the knee.

A higher rise in the rear waist and a lower front waist provide more comfort while sitting, and flat seams and no hardware in the rear eliminates pressure points. An elastic waistband and longer zipper with adaptive zipper pull make them easier to put on and comfortable to wear.

All sizes are $89, plus shipping. Rollin’ Wear, (866) 404-7707.

adaptive jeans

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