Product Peeks Winter 2011

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  • BookHugger
  • Desktop Desk (Mayben Assistive Devices)
  • Fishbowl Cards
  • The Lap King
  • Alarm Arm No-Ladder Smoke Alarm (SafetyWise)
  • Razor Reach
  • Pill Crushing Kit (Associated Specialties Company)
  • Time-Released Dry Mouth Relief (OraMoist)
by Quest Staff on January 1, 2011 - 3:31pm

QUEST Vol. 18, No. 1


For those who have a hard time holding books, this durable, lightweight book stand adapts to almost any position — sitting, standing or reclining — for hands-free reading of paperbacks, textbooks or just a single sheet of paper. Although it doesn’t turn pages automatically, a stable, height-adjustable base and thin wire page holders allow for one-finger page turning. $39.95 BookHugger, (520) 271-4042 (see demo video on website).

Desktop Desk

Developed by a special education teacher for his students, the Desktop Desk is a desktop attached to a clamp that grips a classroom desk. It is adjustable for height and forward tilt and has a clear plastic write-on top. Constructed of aluminum and plastic, it weighs 20 pounds. An optional transport bag is available. $495. Mayben Assistive Devices, (209) 736-9200.

Fishbowl Cards

Fishbowl Cards is a unique greeting card and gift company that celebrates people of all ages and abilities. Its line of greeting cards, notecards, posters and gifts feature whimsical designs and poignant photos, and celebrate the hope, improvement, achievement, love and support that people with disabilities and their families and friends experience every day. Starting at $1.95. Fishbowl Cards, (719) 964-1262.

The Lap King

Invented by a paraplegic, the Lap King Quad wheelchair lap desk features an extra-thick pillow filled with microbeads that provide form-fitting stability and prevent heat transfer. The detachable tray is reversible, with a raised edge on the side to catch spills or rolling pencils, and a passive cooling platform on the other for notebook computers. An optional package includes an adjustable belt to secure the desk to the wheelchair and a nonslip mat. Available in various colors and prints. Starting at $49.95. Lap King, (512) 301-3715.

Alarm Arm No-Ladder Smoke Alarm

The Alarm Arm allows you to easily install a smoke detector unit or change the battery in an existing unit without a ladder. The device installs quickly without drilling via an extension pole. Powerful ceramic magnets hold the smoke detector unit on the ceiling and make it easy to change its batteries in seconds, even from a wheelchair. Prices range from $17.96 to $44.96, depending on whether a smoke detector unit and extension pole are included. SafetyWise, (708) 478-4478.

Razor Reach

When limited range of movement makes leg shaving difficult, the Razor Reach extends the reach of all major razors by 12 to 18 inches. The wide, ergonomically designed handle has grips along its length that allow for more detailed shaving. The 12-inch or 18-inch Razor Reach handles are $14.99 each; a 6-inch additional extension that fits on either handle length is $4.99. (Razor not included.) Call (312) 423-7839.

Pill Crushing Kit

This kit allows you to see the pill being crushed, facilitating crushing to the correct texture and granule size. The kit contains a 6-inch-long, 5.5-ounce pill crusher, 100 plastic bags to crush the pills in, and a 3-inch pill board. $16.95 plus $10 shipping and handling. Associated Specialties Company, (610) 395-9172.

Time-Released Dry Mouth Relief

OraMoist is a small patch that adheres to the roof of the mouth, then slowly dissolves, moisturizing for hours. Xylitol and enzymes are added to improve oral health. Available at Walgreens and Rite Aid stores; retail price is $9.99. For a store finder and coupons visit the website. For a free trial size, call (800) 448-1448.

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