Product Peeks Winter 2010

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  • Electra-Ride III (stairlift)
  • EZ-Bathe (inflatable tub)
  • Magic-Soft Crutch
  • Grab Bar Shower Holder
  • MobiliT Rover (power wheelchair)
  • Cool Clothes for Toes (socks for AFOs)
  • ScrambleScoop (golf ball retriever)
  • Wright Mask (nebulizer)
  • Backpack Retriever (wheelchair accessory)
  • Joy on the Beach (wheelchair)
by Quest Staff on December 31, 2009 - 1:10am

QUEST Vol. 17, No. 1

Featured products: Stairlift ** Inflatable tub and bathroom aides ** Crutch ** Wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories ** Nebulizer ** Golf ball retriever ** Adaptive clothing.

Electra-Ride III
This curved-rail stairlift is custom crafted, using the measurements for your staircase, to provide smooth and safe travel between floors. Weight capacity is 400 pounds. $9,300 to $15,000. Bruno Independent Living Aids, (262) 567-4990, or

Take a bath without leaving your bed in this vinyl (Latex-free) inflatable tub. The tub inflates to 71 inches long by 31 inches wide by 13-½ inches high. $400. EZ-Access, (800) 451-1903, or

Magic-Soft Crutch
This crutch features a non-twisting forearm cuff, ergonomic soft handle, soft hand-rest, reflector and height adjustability. Weight-bearing capacity is 286 pounds. $66/pair. IUP Handel und Vertrieb, (780) 604-2811, or

Grab Bar Shower Holder
Leave hands free for soaping, shaving or other bathing tasks. Compatible with most handheld showers and standard grab bars. $21. Moen, (800) 289-6636, or

MobiliT Rover
Access off-road, uneven terrain without leaving your wheelchair. This base platform is powered by the wheels of the power chair and steered with a joystick. Prices start at $7,500. Rehab Ideas, (813) 600-3058, or

Cool Clothes for Toes
These fun socks for children and teens help make ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) more fashionable. Available in several different designs, the socks are seamless, machine washable and breathable. $13 to $15. Ross Daniel Adaptive Apparel, (800) 994-1074, or

This golf ball retriever allows golfers to pick up golf balls without bending over, or scoop them up from a golf cart without slowing or stopping. $17. Scramble Scoop, (800) 590-8484, or

Wright Mask
This unique nebulizing mask humidifies the upper airway and tracheostomy simultaneously. Adjustable and disposable, it comes in adult and pediatric sizes. $237 for a box of 10. Wright Solutions, (305) 289-7369, or

Backpack Retriever
This accessory for your power wheelchair moves a backpack from behind the chair to within reach with the push of a button. The unit can be mounted on the left or right side without increasing the overall dimensions of the chair, and with minimum clearance needed to deploy may be used in confined areas such as vehicles or classrooms. Mounts to the existing brackets of most power chairs. Prices start at $975. Rehab Solutions, (813) 600-3058 or

Joy on the Beach (JoB) Wheelchair
The light and sturdy JoB lets people with limited mobility roll from the beach straight into the water. Its aluminum alloy frame keeps corrosion away and it collapses for portability and storage. $1,600, $139 for optional storage bag & $33 for body support. Other options available; Special Needs Group (800) 513-4515 or

This folding tray kit stows below your wheelchair's armrest when not in use and can be used in front or to the side of the chair. It features a built-in tilt surface for reading, and mounts to the left or right side of most power chairs. $695, Rehab Ideas (813) 600-3058 or

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