Product Peeks Summer 2012

Article Highlights:
  • MediPal Emergency Seatbelt ID
  • Seat Reducer inserts
  • HDS Medallion CarryAll bags
  • Wireless Wheelchair Scale
  • NuDrive (lever-activated drive and braking systems)
  • ThevoSleepingStar (sensory support mattress)
by Quest Staff on July 1, 2012 - 3:00pm

QUEST Vol. 19, No. 3

Medical information in an emergency

In a car accident, imagine emergency personnel finding your medical information within moments of opening your car door. The MediPal Emergency Seatbelt ID attaches around the seatbelt and slides to any comfortable position. Inside is a personalized medical/contact information form. MediPal also wraps around wheelchairs, strollers, and backpack straps. $15. The MediPal Company, (760) 659-0559. Special offer for Quest readers who order by Sept. 30, 2012: $12 each (limit five.) Order online using promo code Quest12.

 MediPal Emergency Seatbelt ID

Seat reducer inserts

For most families, buying ever-bigger wheelchairs for their growing child is out of the question. Troy Technologies Seat Reducer Inserts provide proper positioning in an oversized seat by conforming to the natural contour of the stroller, wheelchair or positioning chair. It reduces the inside dimensions while maintaining the seat’s intended position. Designed by therapists and rehabilitation technology specialists, Seat Reducer Inserts have a comfortable ribbed surface that promotes airflow and can be trimmed to accommodate support straps. Reducers are water-resistant, latex-free and designed to prevent “ride up.” Available in fo sizes. $169. Troy Technologies, (877) 928-8770.

Seat Reducer Inserts 

Fashion, function, fun

Made in the U.S., HDS Medallion’s CarryAll Bags are practical yet fashionable accessories for mobility devices that allow women to carry personal items in style. Made of quality cotton fabric (not canvas backpack material) and embellished with crystals, buckles, buttons, ribbons and silk flowers, they come in vibrant colors and more than a dozen styles. Practical features include hook-and-loop closures for easy access. With adjustable, detachable straps, the Premier CarryAll Bag fits a variety of walkers, scooters and wheelchairs (even those with thick arms), and is great for women who use multiple devices or who also want to carry it as a shoulder bag. Priced from $60 to $80. HDS Medallion, (877) 646- 1941.

Fashion Carryall Bag 

Wireless Wheelchair Scale

InnoVision Devices created new technology for its Wireless Wheelchair Scale, making it portable, lightweight, wireless and easy to use. Stored in a rolling case, these scales (one for under each wheel) can be set up in less than two minutes on any small solid floor space, allowing greater privacy when weighing. The easy-roll-up design means no more running start needed to get onto the scale. A wireless controller eliminates the need for a wall outlet. With a weight range of up to 1,200 pounds, it can monitor 40 patients for up to 100 days and upload data to a spreadsheet on a PC. Starting at $2,295. InnoVision Devices, (661) 250-0554.


Wireless Wheelchair Scale 

New way to drive your wheelchair

NuDrive is a unique lever-activated drive and braking system for manual wheelchairs that enables forward or reverse motion, braking and turning — all without touching the wheels. The manufacturer lists its clinical benefits as prevention of shoulder injury or carpal tunnel syndrome; improvement in postural alignment; improved breathing and hand protection. $3,995. Ri LLC, (866) 738-6552 (ext. 140).

Lever-activated drive and braking system 

Sensory support mattress

The ThevoSleepingStar improves sleep with sensory support micro-stimulation that reduces spasms and pain. Sizes include crib, hospital and twin, in powered and non-powered versions. Prices range from $3,095 to $9,295. Ri LLC, (866) 738-6552 (ext. 140).

Sensory Support Mattress 
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