Product Peeks Summer 2009

Article Highlights:
  • Evolv Swing Away Front Option (stander)
  • FOOTIME Foot Mouse (computer)
  • Electra-Ride Elite option (stair lift)
  • AquaJoy Premier PLUS Bath Lift
  • Freedom Alert (emergency communication)
by Quest Staff on July 1, 2009 - 2:41pm

QUEST Vol. 16, No. 3

Featured products: Stander ** Foot mouse ** Stair lift ** Bath lift ** Emergency communication.

Evolv Swing Away Front Option

EasyStand Evolv

The EasyStand Evolv line of youth and adult standers now offers a swing-away front option that lets caregivers swing away the knees and tray to gain full access to the front of the stander, making assisted transfers easier. The Swing Away Front is available in two configurations: H-Frame Tray and Shadow Tray. Retail price for the Swing Away Front for H Frame Tray is $225, and $175 for the Swing Away Front for Shadow Tray. Starting retail is $2,775 for the sit-to-stand stander, which features a lifting design that mimics the body’s natural pivot points. For information: Altimate Medical, (800) 342-8968, or

FOOTIME Foot Mouse

FOOTIME Foot Mouse

This foot mouse, or “slipper mouse,” lets those with hand and arm weakness control a computer with their foot. Includes scroll roller, mouse clicks and a double-click button. Users rest their heel on the floor, using the toes to turn the roller to the left or right and scroll up or down. Programmable buttons allow users to define 10 shortcuts or functions (per program), and FOOTIME fits any size foot, with an elastic strap and hook-and-loop (Velcro) ends. It’s compatible with most Windows and Mac operating systems; USB port required. Retail price for the Footime Foot Mouse is $200. For information: Bili Inc., (626) 333-8718, or

Electra-Ride Elite

Options for Electra-Ride Elite

Several new options are available for Bruno’s Electra-Ride Elite straight-rail stair lift; these include an enlarged footrest, an automatic powered footrest, and a powered swivel seat. The powered footrest automatically flips up and out of the way when the seat is raised, and flips down when the seat is lowered. The powered swivel seat securely positions the rider to exit the unit. Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices: enlarged footrest, $420; automatic powered footrest, $500; powered swivel seat, $700; and $4,100 for the Electra-Ride Elite stair lift. For information: Bruno Independent Living Aids, (262) 953-5501, or

AquaJoy Premier PLUS Bath Lift

AquaJoy Premier PLUS Bathlift

This two-piece bath lift is lightweight, battery-operated, and fits into any style bathtub. Features include washable padding; suction up feet; a waterproof, floating hand controller with large buttons; and battery charger. The lift reclines up to 40 degrees, has a weight capacity of 375 pounds, and disassembles for storage or transportation. Starting price is $1,499. Accessories available for purchase include a swivel slide to simplify entry and exit from the tub ($129); headrest with wings ($109); and, to prevent slippage, a chest harness with pommel ($199) and lap harness with pommel ($169). For information: Harmar Access, (800) 833-0478, or



This pendant-style, programmable, two-way voice speaker-phone communicator lets you contact family, friends and neighbors with the push of a button. Users can create four custom contacts; addition of the 911 emergency operator is optional. The pendant is water resistant, traceable through phone system Caller ID, and can be carried on a lanyard, wrist strap or belt clip. A Li-Ion battery provides several hours of talk time on a full charge and lasts several months on standby. Two rechargeable batteries are included. There are no activation costs, no contracts and no monthly fees. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $300. For information: LogicMark, (703) 934-7934, or

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