Product Peeks Spring 2011

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  • Aqueduck faucet extender
  • EZ Does It Bath Chair
  • FAWSsit Fold-Away Wheelchair Shower
  • Freedom Wand
  • Granny Jo Bath Cape
  • Great Grabz
  • Home Care Grab Bar
  • Little Looster toilet support
  • Power Toilet Aid
  • Touch N Brush hands-free toothpaste dispenser
  • Windsor 2 Power Bath
by Quest Staff on March 31, 2011 - 10:40am

QUEST Vol. 18, No. 2

Aqueduck faucet extender

Designed for kids, this quick-and-easy fix also can enable people in wheelchairs to better access the faucet. The extender simply slips over the existing faucet and funnels the water closer to the user. $17.98 on Peachy, (888) 498-0488.

Aqueduck faucet extender

EZ Does It Bath Chair

EZ Does It Bath Transfer Systems were designed by engineers and caregivers to provide greater independence and/or bathing assistance for people with physical challenges.

The sturdy standard model offers a large seating area for people up to 350 pounds, armrests and adjustable legs. It’s also foldable for storage and travel. $490. Bath Transfer Systems, (866) 725-2192.

EZ Does It bath chair

FAWSsit Fold-Away Wheelchair Shower

This award-winning portable shower stall offers an alternative to remodeling your inaccessible bathroom. FAWSsit portable showers can be set up anywhere there’s access to a standard sink, such as a kitchen, laundry room or area adjacent to a bathroom.

The stall unit, which doesn’t require any tools to set up, is completely wheelchair accessible and folds away between uses. The unit includes a shower head, a 12-foot water hose, a universal adapter for sink faucets, and a pump with a 12-foot hose that empties water from the drain pan into a sink or tub.

There are five FAWSsit models, including a bariatric model, and a recliner model that fits a reclining wheelchair or gurney. Prices start at $1,495. Care Giver Support Products, (877) FAWSsit (329-7748).

FAWSsit portable shower

Freedom Wand

This sanitary, easy-to-use, portable, personal toilet-tissue holder is designed as an aid for individuals with limited mobility. The four “fingers” of the wand grasp toilet tissue, as well as items such as a razor, loofah, or ointment applicator. A slide button releases tissue into the toilet after use.

The wand comes in three durable, easy-clean pieces (handle, extension and head), providing users with 14 inches of extra reach; an additional extension allows for 20 inches of reach. $49.99. Freedom Wand, (866) 931-0886.

Freedom Wand toilet-tissue holder

Granny Jo Bath Cape

While improving your bathroom, don't forget to improve the trip to and from the bath. This generously cut, luxurious, 100-percent cotton terry bath cape offers a stylish way to maintain dignity after bathing.

It features hook-and-loop closures, knee-length coverage, a Mandarin collar, and is warm and absorbent. The heavyweight “deluxe” version is $40; a lightweight terrycloth model is available for $20. Granny Jo Products, (863) 698-9130.

Granny Jo bath cape

Great Grabz

Great Grabz has a line of stylish bathroom and home-safety accessories that offer the strength, stability and function of traditional grab bars without the industrial look.

Available in ADA-compliant and residential versions, Great Grabz can be used as grab bars, towel bars, robe hooks, toilet tissue holders, poolside handholds and more. Great Grabz, (866) 478-4722.

Great Grabz grab bars

Home Care Grab Bar

Moen’s new Home Care Grab Bars with Integrated Accessories combine the safety of grab bars with the function of a towel bar, toilet-paper holder or shower shelf. SecureMount anchors allow installation anywhere, regardless of stud location. Available at select Lowe’s and medical equipment suppliers. $60 at Lowe’s. Moen Home Care, (800) 289-6636.

Moen gra bar

Little Looster

Originally created as a potty training aid, the Little Looster provides support for those with low muscle tone or difficulty balancing on the toilet seat (or "loo," if you will).

The unit fits snugly around the base of the toilet and, unlike a freestanding stool, does not need to be moved aside to allow others to use the toilet. The lightweight plastic design minimizes cleanup time. Visit the website for retailer locations or to buy online. $29.99. Little Looster, (503) 336-1837.

Little Looster

Power Toilet Aid

With the touch of a button, the Power Toilet Aid lifts the user from the toilet seat into a standing position. PTA attaches to your toilet without any modifications; professional installation is not needed.

Powered by a 12-volt rechargeable battery, it will lift up to 400 pounds. $1,350. Stand Aid of Iowa, (800) 831-8580.

Power Toilet Aid lift

Touch N Brush hands-free toothpaste dispenser

One touch dispenses the perfect amount of toothpaste. Easy set-up and refill. Battery powered. Includes a bonus toothbrush (battery operated). Works with standard-size toothpaste tubes. $19.99. Touch N Brush, (203) 567-1131.

Touch N Brush hands-free toothpaste dispenser

Windsor 2 Power Bath

The Windsor 2 Power Bath allows easy access into and out of the bath, thanks to a built-in seat lift and power traverse that swings the bather over the side of the tub. This feature is operated by hand control. The Windsor 2 promotes itself as the deepest bath of its kind available. Options include a child seat, and support straps and nursing arms for additional support. Prices start at $12,000, depending on options. Gainsborough Baths, (888) 343-9730.

Windsor 2 Power Bath seat lift
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