Product Peeks Fall 2010

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Note: This expanded online version of Product Peeks contains five products not included in the print version.

  • The Vizualizer Set — ABCs of Accessibility Inc.
  • Possum Jive! Communicator and ECU — Ablenet
  • Talking Brix — Ablenet
  • Ken's Power Caster — Adaptive Creations
  • BlingtoGo — BlingToGo
  • 2400 Spirit APS Car Seat — Columbia Medical
  • Convaid Metro — Convaid
  • ErgoGlide — Ergo Pros
  • Special-Needs Beds — KayserBetten Secure Sleep Systems
  • SmartKnit AFO and KAFO Socks — Knit-Rite
  • CastCoverz — MediFAB3
  • Glacier Handheld Shower — Moen
  • Sanidoor —
by Quest Staff on October 1, 2010 - 11:45am

QUEST Vol. 17, No. 4

The Visualizer Set

This planning tool, which includes three variable scale human figures, two wands and carrying case, helps in the design and creation of universal or accessible environments, with hallways, doorways, turn spaces and transfer locations that can accommodate wheelchair users. Maneuver the figures over plans or blueprints to mark out wheelchair "footprint" and turning radius in one-eighth-, one-quarter- and one-half-inch scale. Retail price: Visualizer Set, $45; accessories, including ink pads and Visualizer ink stamps, begin at $7. For information: ABCs of Accessibility, (877) 887-2227 (video available on website).

Visualizer Set from ABCs of Accessibility

Possum Jive! Communicator & ECU

This hand-held communication aid is lightweight and portable, and features long battery life; highly-visible touch screen; comprehensive message-building capabilities; character, word and sentence prediction; 12 synthesized voices; and recorded speech and sounds. Suitable for children and adults. The Jive! package comes with the Possum Jive! Communication Aid, power adapter, two styluses and USB cable. Retail price: $5,900. For information: Ablenet, (800) 322-0956.

Possum Jive! Communication Aid

Talking Brix Communicators

Use these thin, light communicators to leave yourself personal reminders, or connect as many as you like, using the tab-and-slot connector, for a simple, scalable grid that enables communication between children, parents, spouses and caregivers. Carry them in a pocket or purse, or place them around the room within easy reach. Features include connectivity for customizable layouts, single-message recording on each Brix, 10 seconds recording time and a rechargeable (built-in) battery. Each unit measures 2.56 inches long, by 2.56 inches wide, by 0.6 inches high, and has an activation area of 1.8 inches. Retail price: $129 for a package of three. For information: Ablenet, (800) 322-0956.

Ken's Power Caster

This fully automated fishing machine secures to almost any surface and enables individuals with little or no strength in the arms and hands to cast and retrieve a fishing line. Three push buttons control all the functions of the caster, allowing the user to consistently cast a large-size wooden egg bobber 100 feet in any direction; activated in sequence, the buttons allow the user to fight and land large fish. For totally hands-free fishing, users can wear a chest plate to support the control box containing either three push buttons, which can be activated via the chin, or three adjustable modular hoses that can be positioned for sip-and-puff control. The chest plate also can be used as a base to position the buttons in the lap or near a foot. Comes completely assembled and includes a Shakespeare Synergy 7-foot spinning rod and a Zebco 33T electric retrieve reel. Price: $1,425 for push-button controls; $1,495 for sip-and-puff control. For information: Adaptive Creations, (724) 438-1336.


BlingToGo provides people with a way to broadcast their personality on "necessary accessories," including mobility support tools such as crutches, canes and walkers, and also bed rails and IV poles. The "skin" is a vinyl, medical-grade, graphic film product that adheres to durable medical equipment, without interfering with the functionality of the device. BlingToGo can stay on for up to seven years, can be sanitized repeatedly and leaves no residue when removed. Currently, 28 designs exist to choose from, and custom designs are available using your own artwork or photos. Prices for pre-existing designs start at $8; add $5 for customization. For information: BlingToGo, (877) 601-6758 (view BlingToGo application video tutorial at website).

2400 Spirit APS Car Seat

This adjustable positioning system car seat features optional, individually-adjusted, swing-away trunk and hip supports. It comes with soft-padded head supports that can be custom ordered to fit the user, low-profile sides, plush upholstery, five-point harness and a recline bar to provide optional tilt. The seat can be tethered with vehicle shoulder belt, and is designed to accommodate users between 25 pounds and 130 pounds. Accessory options include a four-inch seat depth extender, which extends the seat from 12 inches deep to 16 inches deep; a swing-away abductor, and pressure reducing foam support for the seat and back. MSRP: $895. For information: Columbia Medical, (562) 282-0244.

Columbia Medical's 2400 Spirit APS car seat

Convaid Metro

This transport chair with models for children or adults is lightweight and portable, and crash-tested to provide maximum safety in buses or vans. The Metro features a 30-degree fixed tilt and built-in trunk support to accommodate those with limited upper body strength. Removable, washable fabric comes in red or blue. Comfort features include contoured upholstery with a mesh center to increase ventilation and keep the occupant cool, and an under-seat storage basket for storing personal items. Wide wheels provide stability, and "Quick Release" rear wheels are removable to allow compact folding for transport or storage. Pricing starts at $791. Convaid Inc., (888) 266-8243.


This lightweight and durable window extension handle is designed to prevent musculoskeletal strain and injury, and help those with weakened hand or arm muscles avoid the repetitive motion involved in opening and closing sliding glass windows. It adheres to glass, installing quickly without tools, and can be used hours after application. Available in 10 colors and 3-, 6- and 9-inch lengths. Prices are $10, $20 and $30. For information: Ergo Pros, (207) 966-2170.

Special-Needs Beds

These colorful, handcrafted sleep-system beds are designed to provide security, safety and durability, with a range of models targeted both to the individual's degree of mobility and to overall caregiving needs. Sleep platforms are height-adjustable via a hand-held remote control. Doors and side panels are made of Plexiglas and beech wood, and all models carry a weight-bearing capacity of 330 pounds. Call for pricing and insurance coverage details. For information: KayserBetten, (800) 574-7880, ext. 308.

Sleep-system beds from KayserBetten

SmartKnit AFO and KAFO Socks

These socks made to cover AFOs and KAFOs come in a variety of colors, and in sizes to fit children and adults. The socks are knitted similarly to the way a caterpillar spins its cocoon — starting at the toe and circling to the top, a process that leaves them seam- and wrinkle-free, and "heel-less" to ensure a perfect fit. Made of soft fabric with antimicrobial fibers to wick away moisture, the socks help maintain healthy skin and inhibit odor. Machine washable and dryable. Prices begin at $16. For information: Knit-Rite, (800) 821-3094.


These covers, available in a variety of designs and fabrics, are meant to give your cast or brace a boost of creativity. The covers prevent snagging and catching, are removable and interchangeable from one arm or foot to the other, and help keep casts and braces clean. Latex-free and washable, the covers also can be custom-made to accommodate special needs, including custom sizes or designs to coordinate with your wardrobe. Price: $12 and up. For information: MediFAB3, (877) 633-4310.

Glacier Handheld Shower

This hand-held shower head with palm feature is designed to make showering safer and easier for those with limited strength or mobility. A removable handle converts the hand shower to a lighter-weight palm shower with three functions: full shower, massage or pause. Comes with a 7-foot flexible hose. MSRP: $42. For information: Moen, (800) 289-6636.

Sanidoor door-opening system

Once installed, this door opener (set in Mode 1) allows users to enter a space with a slight push on the door; a touch-free actuator opens the door when exiting. The system features multiple programmable settings for opening and closing speeds, door latching speeds and time the door remains in the open position. A two-hour to three-hour battery backup and manual mode provide backup in the event of a power outage. Mode 2 includes two touch-free actuators, and Mode 3 features two actuator plates that allow an individual to see whether a public restroom is vacant or occupied. Prices vary. For information: Sanidoor, (800) 930-7264 (view video at website).

Sanidoor door opener

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