Product Peeks Fall 2009

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  • Stow-Away (power transfer seat)
  • DAFO 9 and DAFO Floor Reaction (brace)
  • AL300 Fusion Lift (power chair/scooter lift)
  • Cuflinc (exercise equipment)
  • BookReader V100 (text-to-speech device)
  • Switch Poser (switch access)
  • MAX-HI-VIZ (safety equipment)
  • Versa AccessWear (adaptive clothing)
by Quest Staff on October 1, 2009 - 3:04pm

QUEST Vol. 16, No. 4

Featured products: Power transfer seat ** Stretching brace ** Power chair/scooter lift ** Exercise equipment ** Text-to-speech device ** Switch ** Safety equipment ** Adaptive clothing.   


This powered transfer seat provides access to the driver’s or front passenger seat of most trucks and sport utility vehicles. Mounted outside the vehicle, it eliminates obstruction inside the cab and preserves factory seat features and safety systems. $4,990. Bruno Independent Living Aids, (262) 953-5501, or




DAFO 9 and DAFO Floor Reaction

The DAFO 9 nighttime stretching brace has been updated to be more comfortable and easier to get on and off. The new DAFO Floor Reaction is designed to fully control the ankle with wrap-around support for the heel, midfoot and forefoot. Cascade Dafo, (800) 848-7332, or




AL300 Fusion Lift

This heavily reinforced, powered lift accommodates both power chairs and scooters. The heavy-duty hitch adapter fits most recreational vehicles (RVs). Lifting capacity is 350 pounds. $2,549. Harmar Mobility, (800) 833-0478, or



This exercise equipment is lightweight and portable. Three resistance levels accommodate beginners and seasoned exercisers. $20 to $30. Heron Hill, (804) 441-5812, or


BookReader V100

This Text-to-Speech (TTS) device converts printed text to natural-sounding speech. Features include bookmark functions and the ability to read PDF files. $699. Plustek, (714) 670-7713, or



Switch Poser

This device lets users “pose,” or position, switches at any angle, even vertically, for easier access. It adheres to smooth surfaces via suction, and to non-smooth surfaces via an included adapter. $49. RJ Cooper & Associates, (800) 752-6673, or



High-visibility colors and industrial-grade reflective material distinguish these wraps, mobility totes, crutch bags and sports packs. Accessible vehicle items include safety road kits, ramp reflectors and mobility stickers. $5 to $30. SEE and BE SAFE, (212) 971-9155, or



Versa AccessWear

Adaptive clothing line features hook-and-loop (Velcro) and zipper closures, stretch and comfort fabrics, and styling meant to be fun, fashionable and accessible for women with various stages of disability. $15 and up. Versa AccessWear, (626) 825-2957, or

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