Modular Ramps: Many Possibilities

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  • Here's a look at some available modular ramps, which can give you more options in configuring a ramp for just about any situation.
  • The resource list at the bottom will help you get your ramp projects started.
  • For a more in-depth look at ramp solutions, including types, costs and ADA guidelines, read the main article The Right Ramp Can Make Your Life Easier: Getting on the level.
by Richard Senti on April 9, 2012 - 12:00pm

QUEST Vol. 19, No. 2

To contact these or other ramp manufacturers, see Wheelchair Ramp Resources below.

TJ Rampit USA

TJ Rampit USA

This ramp from TJ Rampit has an aluminum framework, but the rounded 2-by-4-inch handrails, 4-inch-spaced pickets and 2-by-10-inch ramp treads are made of treated lumber, giving the construction a more organic appearance. The company also offers all-aluminum ramps.




This aluminum configuration from Handi-Ramp features side plates to hide the open framework, giving it a more finished appearance. For customers who don’t care for the bright aluminum look, the company offers powder coating finishes in any color. Handi-Ramp also sells galvanized steel ramps and concrete deck ramps.


Prairie View Industries

Prairie View Industries

This all-aluminum ramp from PVI has been configured with a 45-degree turn to avoid valuable landscaping already in place. Its major components — ramps, platform, handrails — come pre-assembled for easy installation with no special tools.




Constructed over the sidewalk leading from the driveway, this modular ramp from EZ-Access is made of high-grade extruded aluminum. Featuring an 850-pound weight capacity, the ramp can be expanded easily, reconfigured or moved.




By using a switchback configuration, this aluminum ramp by Access4U avoids a long linear approach and gains considerable rise in a small amount of space. The top landing is built directly over the original concrete porch.




Amramps are made of painted steel and feature a patented mesh ramp surface allowing moisture to pass through to prevent puddles from forming. The mesh surface has a raised edge that helps grip the wheels. The black finish subdues the ramp’s appearance, giving it less of an “added-on” look.


Wheelchair Ramp Resources


(800) 355-7025

(888) 715-7598

(800) 451-1903

(800) 876-7267

(800) 833-0478

Prairie View Industries
(800) 554-7267

Pride Mobility
(800) 800-8586

TJ Rampit USA
(800) 876-9498

Online dealers

(888) 651-3431

Emed Ramps
(888) 929-3633

Express Ramps
(866) 491-1110

(800) 445-6937

Ramp Solutions
(800) 630-4713

(800) 850-0335

Wheelchair Select
(888) 219-8955

Ramp-building guidelines
ADA wheelchair ramp specs

U.S Access Board
ADA accessibility guidelines
(877) 312-6989

The Home Wheelchair Ramp Project

DIY Network
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The Dallas Ramp Project

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