Mailbag Summer 2015

Feedback from Quest readers and the MDA community

by Quest Staff on July 14, 2015 - 3:01pm

Quest Summer 2015

Future focused

Editor’s note: MDA’s announcement that it will no longer host an annual telethon in favor of channeling resources into other ways to raise funds and awareness for its families year-round has sparked many comments on Facebook. For more on this topic, see Uniting Today for a Better Tomorrow in Access MDA. 

We are grateful for the memories we have had being at the telethon. The telethon will be missed, but the reason we support MDA is to keep moving toward treatments and cures. We know change is hard and this was a tough decision to be made. We support MDA in moving forward toward a cure for all who live with MD.

— Phil and Claire Foster, parents of former MDA National Goodwill Ambassador Bryson Foster

I’ve not had the good fortune to view the telethon for the past three years. Why? Because instead of being at home watching people do something I’ve been leading teams of amazing athletes that fundraise their pants off for the MDA just so they can run the Disneyland Half Marathon with my team. Together we ARE progress and as the world changes, so must we!!! Be open-minded and hopeful! 

— Melissa Martin Mayorgas

My heart breaks reading this. I was diagnosed over 40 years ago and MDA Telethon has always been a part of my life. From working telethons, doing fundraisers, and speaking to businesses about my disease and encouraging them to join MDA’s fight ... I will miss the telethon. It has always been a part of my life. I trust MDA to continue the fight.

— Tammy Duke 

Lowe’s all-time MDA fundraising total to date since its partnership with MDA began in 2001

When disability isn’t visible

Many thanks to Jackie Witt for From Where I Sit in the Spring issue of Quest [At First Glance]. I haven’t seen this matter addressed in Quest before, and seldom anywhere else. I have limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, and it wasn’t until I started using a cane after 30 years that my appearance began to make sense to others as a physical disability. Those of us who don’t “appear” physically challenged get mighty tired of explanations! For others like us … you are a champion for attempting to explain and help others understand our conditions. 

— Paula Seiple, Greenwood, Ind.

Lowe’s Sham-rocks

Editor’s note: In recognition of the $7.5 million that MDA partner and national sponsor Lowe’s Home Improvement raised through this year’s MDA Shamrock program, MDA families took to Facebook to share their thanks.

Thank you, Lowe’s!!! This funding is so appreciated by the MDA families!

— Elaine Monda 

Thank you, Lowe’s. Your support means so much to those with MD and their families and friends.

— Leah Blankenship Schleppi Graham

Thank you, Lowe’s, who sets a shining example of helping those with MD. Lowe’s built two ramps for me so I can get in and out of my house in my power wheelchair.

— Dwight Hodges 

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