Mailbag Summer 2014

Feedback from Quest readers and the MDA community

by Quest Staff on July 7, 2014 - 9:05am

Quest Summer 2014

Letters to the Editor:

No fear

Editor’s Note: Writer Kristal Hardin’s “From Where I Sit” column (Transcending Fear and Anxiety) from the Spring 2014 issue of Quest has garnered lots of positive feedback through online comments and Facebook likes. Read a few of those comments below, then check out Hardin’s story online and join the conversation at

My transition to a wheelchair was in 1998. For me, it was a big move for the better. I now use attendant care, a bathroom and bedroom SureHands transfer system, and a full rehab wheelchair. I drive from the wheelchair using adaptive driving equipment. I’ve learned to be grateful in the moment and try not to compare one day to the next. I’ve learned to witness fear and anxiety and not engage it. Forge on! Nice article ... It hit home.
— Mike Sporer, Scranton, Pa.

I’m reading this with tears rolling down my face. Remembering all of my “firsts.” It is terrifying! Every day is a new experience, and I am so thankful for the good days, and I try so hard not to fear what could happen. It’s not easy, that’s for sure. I have late-onset limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD). Thanks for writing this!
— Carolyn Kroll, Fiskdale, Mass.

Love this! It is such an inward fight to give up our independence when we haven’t really had a chance to accept the change due to the slow deterioration. You are great at putting my thoughts into words — thank you for that.
— Hillary Kendall, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Source of research and hope

The research information [in Quest] gives me hope that a treatment will be available for people with these debilitating diseases in the near future.
Pete Garza, Irving, Texas

Quest truly is a great magazine. Because of this disease [myasthenia gravis (MG)] , I try to be as knowledgeable as possible about it, and Quest has helped a great deal. There are tons of stories that have great information and need to be shared because they could help someone else who may have similar issues. MG is not always a main topic, but there’s always something, even if it’s an address to an online site. The Quest magazine online site works best for me because there is so much more info there. You also give [links] to other websites in case we need more information. I truly appreciate this magazine and the information it gives.
Crystal Smith, Henderson, Ky.


The [Quest] website is very well done. It’s easy to read and understand. Good job! The stories are encouraging, and Quest is a great place to find resources.
— Bill Bousum, Kokomo, Ind.

I think the online version of Quest magazine is fantastic. I can no longer hold the magazine to read or turn the pages, so this works out great for me.
— Mary Therese Lieb, Elmwood Park, Ill.

Sharing blogs like “From Where I Sit” is a great idea. It gives your readers a chance to meet and communicate with “real” people who fight this awful disease every day. I have been a faithful reader of “From Where I Sit” for several months now and have always been happy with the authorship and dedication that show through every story. Thank you for giving a terrific blog the attention it so well deserves. 
— Patrick M. Arnold, Paw Paw, Mich.

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