Keeping in Touch Winter 2009

by Gerald C. Weinberg on January 1, 2009 - 2:59pm

QUEST Vol. 16, No. 1
Gerald Weinberg

At MDA, as everywhere in this tough economy, we’re tightening our belts and using a creative approach to meet current challenges.

Part of our creative response affects this very magazine. With this issue, Quest changes from a bimonthly to a quarterly publication. But don’t worry, for despite the loss of two issues a year, in this case, less truly is more.

To begin, the new quarterly Quest is bigger than the bimonthly issue, offering readers more articles about research, medicine, health, legislation, accessibility products and living with muscle disease. And — because neither a quarterly nor a bimonthly edition is timely enough to keep pace with the speed of news today — this switch has spurred Quest to add an online component that will keep readers even more “in the know” than before.

You can view the many features of Quest Magazine Online.

Quest magazine is an excellent example of MDA’s approach to the current climate of financial uncertainty. By making the best use of our existing resources and creatively finding ways to reduce costs not service, we plan not only to continue advancing our mission, but also to go “beyond excellence” in raising funds for the more than 40 muscle-wasting diseases under our umbrella.

We’re counting our strengths these days, and they are many. Among them:

  • In several diseases, fantastic progress is being made toward correcting the underlying genetic defects. For proof that the search for treatments and cures is progressing faster than ever, take a look at “Drug Development Progress.” While it’s true that not every disease in our program is as far along the pipeline as those cited, nonetheless we’re getting there. With your help, MDA’s commitment to raising funds to fuel research has never been stronger.
  • MDA now has a strengthened voice in Congress that raises issues of concern to the MDA community, both in research and in federal benefits like Medicare and Medicaid. Our voice joins with other advocacy voices to provide strength in numbers.
  • MDA’s wonderful sponsors always have gone the extra mile to raise vital funds for the Association. And the American public has shown time and again that they won’t forget Jerry’s Kids.
  • At our core is an iron will to persevere in spite of all obstacles. This is the true spirit of the MDA family, which grew from a handful of patients and parents some 50 years ago into a national organization that sponsors research around the globe, sends more than 4,200 children to accessible camp each summer and provides thousands of clinic visits with physicians who know and understand neuromuscular diseases.

Yes, Quest magazine truly represents MDA’s commitment to those it serves — undeterred by the challenges of the times and charging ahead to creatively embrace the future.

With every best wish for the coming year —

Gerald C. Weinberg
President & CEO
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