InfoQuest November-December 2008

by Quest Staff on November 1, 2008 - 5:38pm

QUEST Vol. 15, No. 6

Find help when challenging insurance companies for coverage of complex power mobility devices.

To learn more, see “As the Wheel Turns — The Best Offense is a Good DEFENSE.”

Aging & Disability Resource Centers
Benefits counselors will examine your case, find out what’s missing from your appeal and provide advocacy services.

Area Agencies on Aging
(800) 677-1116

Information and Referral Service
Programs connect people with appropriate organizations. Check local phone listings.

National Assistive Technology Advocacy Project
(716) 847-0650
Sponsored by Neighborhood Legal Services, the project assists people seeking funding for AT devices through Protection & Advocacy for Assistive Technology (PAAT) programs, which provide free help to those denied coverage of AT equipment.

National Association of Insurance Commissioners State Departments of Insurance
(866) 470-6242
Consumers can file a request for assistance in resolving an insurance problem, as well as file a complaint against an insurance company.

National Disability Rights Network — Protection & Advocacy Systems
(202) 408-9514
Legal representation and advocacy services for people with disabilities.

National Patient Advocate Foundation
(202) 347-8009

Patient Advocate Foundation
(800) 532-5274

American Bar Association
Consumer guide to free legal help (by state), including federally funded and pro bono programs.
Find free local legal aid programs.

National Academy of Elder-Law Attorneys
(520) 881-4005
Searchable state directory for attorneys specializing in disability-related issues.

Neighborhood Legal Services
(716) 847-0650
Free help for people with disabilities.

Center for Medicare Advocacy
(860) 456-7790

Medicare Rights Center
(202) 544-5561

State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)
(800) 633-4227
Offers one-on-one counseling and assistance for people with Medicare.

The Ultimate Medicare and Medicaid Resource Page
A list of websites provided by Guardian Insurance.

To learn more about alternative funding sources, read “Playing the Money Game” and “Funding Freedom."

First Hand Foundation
(816) 201-1569
Helps families of children with health problems with grants for medical expenses, durable medical equipment, van lifts/ramps, living expenses when traveling for medical care.

State Alternative Financing Loan Programs
(703) 524-6686

State Departments of Vocational Rehabilitation
(Also check your telephone directory under “state listings.”)

Check with the manufacturers’ funding department.

Amigo Mobility International
(800) 692-6446

(888) 266-8243

Golden Technologies
(800) 624-6374

(800) 347-5678

(800) 333-6900

Merits Health Products
(800) 963-7487

MV Power Wheelchairs
(907) 262-9695

PaceSaver Leisure Lift
(800) 225-0285

Permobil USA
(800) 736-0925
Online tool for generating a letter of medical necessity.

Pride Mobility
(800) 800-8586
Funding resource center located at

Ranger All Season
(800) 225-3811

Redman Power Chair
(800) 727-6684

(800) 743-0772

Sunrise Medical
(800) 333-4000

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